Short fashion guide for winter with Ericdress

Winter is comming really fast. You know is time to get ready your family worderobe, to be as warm as possible. Winter is not one of my favorite seasons but sometimes, when i need a chage, is the best chance to change my outfit and add some new items on my collection for thos cold time. Yesterday i've found some must-have items for my family and i thought you would like to know wich are the newest trends in fashion for each person in our familly.

Today, my inspiration is Ericdress, a huge online store with alots of items for your entire familly. You know i love online stores! Is more easier to buy the items you like, without spending time and money in fisical stores. Besides, the collections are more big then you though. So, you can have daily a unique outfit to a good price.

What i've found over here?

First, even that i dont have a child, i love items well made for them. I've descovered some cute hoodies for girls, wonderfull for their modern tastes. You know how pretentious are chids in those days!
For you, i've selected some cool pullover hoodies and some cheap outwear wich will feal you awesome for the cold weather. Is the moust wanted items for every woman. They are verry different as pattern and in a high collection of colours. so, if you like dark colours or brighten, don't worry, you can find them all here, in Ericdress store! All of them are here

You are right! We are not all mermaids, with thin body that fit all items verry well. That's why Ericdress has created a special section with some cheap plus size winter coats. If you didn't know untill now, parkas are my favorite witer items. And here the collection is huge! I would definetly choose on of this great winter items, or even two, three...fine, an entire closet of outwears from the link.

What do you think about Ericdress? Dont forget to search your favorite winter items!


  1. I really love the way you write. Also, I find that coat very beautiful. Unfortunately for me, I don't think it would look nice on me. Anyway, I trust your fashion sense and I think that if you know about Ericdress you know that this is one of the best online stores on the internet.



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