Top 3 best tips for a perfect outfit on 2017

Happy New Year to all! Have you get ready the warderobe for 2017? If you're not ready or you dont know what to choose, let me inspire you today. I took all my inspiration from StyleWe, one of my favorite online clothing store. The prices are verry good acording to clothes quality and the fact that all are made form thousands of great designers.

 This online store has only unique items wich will fit great in your warderobe, even if you look for something special like an event dress, or maybe something to look good on your casual look. Let see wich are the top 5 best clothes that i think shouldn't miss from your warderobe on this year.

1. Japanese kimono

The japanese kimono is a great investment on this year. You can use StyleWe kimonos on casual outfits but also on events to make a great combination with your elegant outfit, on winter, autumn or even nights of summer. The StyleWe kimonos works with everything you have in mind! The materials used for those kind of clothes is verry soft and well done.

2. Wear velvet!

Since the holidays till now, velvet dresses were on of my favorite. I dont think this trend will die verry soon. Even the japanese kimono or a coat works great on a velvet dress. Some over knee boots or some heels and you will look gorgeous.

3. Perfect pair of shoes

This is something big for everyone, even for mens. I think is easy to find some great shoes for mens, but when a women need her perfect pair of shoes...may be difficult. On StyleWe you can find exclusive accesories for your outfit but also great shoes for winter and summer, boots or heels. I've just found this perfect UGG. They would be great for this winter and definetly they are verry unique. What do you think?

Ps: Dont forget to be beautifull everyday and smile! Also maybe you should check "Top 12 best drugstore BB cream". This can help you take the beauty of your body to another level.

Now you are ready. Let's go!


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