The newest fashion trend: Dresses with chokers

by - luni, februarie 27, 2017

In the newest trends of fashion i've seen alot of times that are included dresses with choker.Even female stars were choosing those kind of dresses for many times when they were surprised by press.
What is so special on those dresses?

They are not a big thing, but they have the choker included, like you would have some jewelry on your neck. So, choosing a dress like this you dont need any fancy accesories to look good. The simplitude is the mother to all trends!

Did you know about YoShop? Some stores are seeling those cjocker dresse to a really high price, but i've seen on YoShop alot of dresses like this, to look good but also to be cheap.
To be honest i would like to have a dress like this on my personnal clothing coollection. They have a little bit of every style: a little bit of rock, of the finnest elegance and besides they are also they are verry versatile. You could succesfull wear a dress like this in any season, even with boots, pumps or sandals. I prefer this minimalistic look of simplicity when a fashion item could be weared anytime on anything.

Look at this choker dress. What do you see? I see the simply beauty of a new spring beggining, i see a great evening dress combined with a velvet bag and some big rhinestones bracelets.
What do you think about those dresses? Would you choose one? Do you have one? How you style her?

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