Wedding guide: How to choose the bridesmade dresses/wedding dress

The wedding is the moust important event for each womens life. Everything must be as you dreamed: from the restaurant organisation and decor, place when you will make the big step, the flowers, colours used, to the wedding dress and the bridesmade dresses. They all must fit toghether.

First you must choose a wedding theme. According to that you can start making the preparations. Dresses are the most important think from all. They will put the ladies in the middle of attention. Everything must be beyond expectations!

I recomend those wedding dresses 2017. They are the newest models for this year. A bridesmade dress must fit to all your girls. They must look simmilar and is better to choose those dresses exacly the same. I've seen many brides choosing simmilar dresses, but somehow, not being the same dress to all of them. Sometimes is verry hard to find a place to buy more dresses as you need. has any dresses you whant to a low price. They are good quality and made for each taste, on many colours and bodyshapes.

Also, for the first step, the civil ceremony, i would recomend to have a different dress, like one of the short wedding dresses, especially if your party and the religious ceremony will be on different days. Is so hard to chose from short to long dresses, from lace to chiffon, fantastic embroidery or jewels.

Couse has many special offers for this special event, you can choose a dress for day and one for evening. While many womens are choosing a short dress on day, i would choose her for the night. This could help you feel comfortable after you got the long dress to church, to enjoy the party and dance all the night.

The shoes must me comfortable too. I would wear a pair of heels with small toe or even some flats to can dance and put attention to details.

For flowers i would choose a combination of rosses. They are verry romantic and fit to any style. While the Novers specialist working with passion and love to the perfect dresses, you would better choose a proffesional wedding consultant to make your work easier and to be sure you dont forgent any important detail. Each choice would you made, must be sure you and your best friends will feel just great in the dresses you choosed. I think on a wedding the bridemades and the bride are beautifull toghether.

Now, take a coffee, a fashion magazine and make comfortable on the sofa. Let yourself be inspired choosing by the the perfect wedding dresses for any guest, while their team made them and are shipping them fast to your door.


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