Wishlist Dresslily: Best ideas for this autumn

Hello ladies! We have talked recently about many websites of clothing, but i almoust forget about Dresslily. This website have many nice and affordable stuffs, from fashion clothes to accesories and home stuff.

I've checked a little bit their store and like always, i've made today a selection of my favorite fashion items that i've found here. First, i would like to recomend you are tunic tops. I really like to wear them on autumn. There are nice items that you could easy make an elegant outfit or something casual.

First item that have impressed me is a japanese inspired coat. I search for many time a green leather jacket, but i cannot find her anywere.
This coat have the same green colour that i whant and this is the main reasson why she conquerd myself.
Is verry elegant and has that amazing peacock print. I'm not so sure that the size and lenght will fit me, but i really like this item and i whant him so much for my collection. Is really unique!

I've went a little bit to bags and shoes. Those are my favorite sections when i buy online. I've found here a pair of lovely over-knee boots. You can still wear dresses and skirt on cold weather if you have a pair of boots like those. I have 2 pair like that on my collection and i've just ordered another two.

Over knee boots: https://goo.gl/GQLE7u

The backpack set i thing is really interesting. Remaimd me by cosmetics brand called Benefit. And backpacks are really wanted this year and they can be great fashion friend on a road.

Wich item you like the moust? Have you ever ordered from Dresslily?


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