Wishlist: How to look trendy with Dresslily

Like usual, trends are made for stars. Sometimes is too expensive to dress like trends whant and the best solution is to dress as you feel good. 
But i'm sure you know that are many online websites who can help you dress up cheap with style. One of my favorite choices is Dresslily, one from the most affordable online stores, with many items that can fit you well. Is impossible do not find something stylish, at your taste.

While i'm waiting for the most beautifull coat that i've ever seen, from them, i've made again a luttle bit of research to see what's new here.
I've found here the polka dot dresses. I've always liked doots for my style. One thing to be sure about: doots never dies, never get's out of trends.

Doot dress: https://goo.gl/rhGhDn

Another thing that i'm absolutely obssesed for the autumn and winter are the hooded jeans and leggings. I've found them three years ago and thei are the best thing in my life. For a deep cold weather, they are everything you need. I was so happy to find them here, a more stylish version with high waist and leather design. This look verry trendy and is really comfortable. The snow and the wind can get to your skin like on jeans. Besides, you dont need to wear many pairs of bottoms to be warm. I really recomend you those. I've already put a pair on my cart. Have you?

Hooded pants: https://goo.gl/M8pukK

I was really surprised when i've seen the trends and the unique items are not over. I've just found one incredible skirt that is on my lattest order. I love biker jackets, reason why i was falling in love also with jacket looking bag. I already have 3 bags like that on my collection and many biker leather jackets. But what you think about a jacket looking skirt? Oh, yeah... I really love it! This is definetly something new and stylish that cut my breath. 

By the way, are you searching for a Chanell bag but you dont have enough money to can afford her? Dont worry! You could still get a similar replica. This red bag is awesome! Is verry nice and suits for the most elegant outfits. Works great even with a doot dress. Red is for anyone.

What's your favorite item(s)?


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