Teething necklaces: Fashion for moms, healthy for kids

Who likes to have issues with their teeth? Nowbody! It seems a decade since i have issues with my teeth. I have a few days since my face is back again after a bad teeth infection.  I've already decide that from the moment a baby will come to my life i will be sure him wont have the same faith as i had. Nothing is worse than teeth pain, especially for a new born baby or for a small one who only can to cry and scream while trying to express their feelings.

Recently i've found an website were the main topics are about (fresh) moms in search for some good advices on this lovely jurney. In this way i have found out about teething necklaces for moms, wich are great fashion items for any outfit but also a statement piece for small babies with teeth issues.
While they are small, when the teeth start to grow, they are in pain. The only thing that seems to help them is biting something. That's why 80% for the time while we, as moms, are spending with them, we are keep seeing them put all unwanted things in their mouth. We are used to be verry carefull with them to dont do that, but the moment may be marked with a deep crying scene and lound screams.

Also, becouse they can destinguish  the good from bad, any item they are biting with may be a danger for their health. The babies ar so fragile and the bacteria find them a great enviroment to prove their "awesome powers". I dont think is a solution to go on all doctors to find a way out of baby sickness and full him with pills wich affects the immune system and makes them more volnerable. That's why some inteligent guys came out with this ingenious idea of teething necklaces.

Thous necklaces are suposed to be made from high quality wood or silicone who have anti-inflammatory proprieties. This way the baby can still chill out by usual biting from this type of necklace but also the moms can be fashion. A good thing is that those necklace are look really interesting and if you are a fashion mom will be sure you wont forget him home when the baby "needs to bite". The materials wont break and spent so easy like other simmilar teething stuffs and i've heard is really easy to keep them clean. Some soap and clean water is all they need.

I think this subject is really interesting for moms and even for us, the fute moms and actual womens interested for what kind of interesting inventions can help us out when we make the first step for a happy and safe family. Check pragnancy has many subjects like those who really knows to get you. If you are interested you definetly should check out them for more.

Have you ever heard or used teething necklaces?



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