Tips to achieve a beautifull hair

by - luni, mai 28, 2018

Nowadays, hair is so important for us in order to mentain his health, for growing up faster and to be glamurous. A perfect hair is always the best acessory even în a cold day or a laizy one.
If you what always a beautifull hair you must take on consideration some few tips. Choose wise the best idea for yourself!

1. Professional
You can require help from specialised peoples to dye, apply frequently a treatment or to style.
The majority of hairstylists can advise you about the new color you choose or the haircut according to hair proprieties and match with your everyday style and pleasure. You can ask also on salons also to apply an ombre lace front wig to be on trend without dying your hair.

3. Home care
Even that you are a salon person or a home one, anyone should use home treatments for a healthy and beautifull hair. You can make them with the ingredients that you already have în you house, like lemon juice, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. Also you can use profesional or drugstore additional treatment for mosturising, nourishing and protect your hair from damaging couses by hair tools or dye.

4. Blonde hair care
When you are getting blonde hair is maybe a little bit harder to mentain the hair healthy and beautifull becouse according to your natural colour, the roots can damage really bad and their may be different colors when the hair is growing, but maybe not enough to achieve a perfect ombre hair.
Between hair treatments ar dye perioada you can still be happy for a blonde hair by choosing the blonde lace front wig.

5. Wigs for white women
Is not about any discrimination, but in my oppinion is much more easier for white women's to make a colour change. I'm talking about craizy colors like pink, blue, purple etc.
But, no matter what skin type you have, If you whant a healthy hair and to make a change without cutting, wings are the perfect choice.

6. Cutting your hair
In order to solve your issues about split ends and verry bad damaged hair you may choose for cutting a big part of hair. 
Relax for a minute! Did you knew that damaged hair must be cut slow by slow, not more than few centimeters. You shouldn't cut your hair, an exemple, from a 20cm lenghts streight to 10cm. Do it slow, month by month, or you can take slow even at your home like 0,5 cm once a week/2-3 cm for month. This would give time to your hair to regenerate without loosing lenght. If you still think that a short hair is just what you need than do it! 
Anyway, you can wear wigs meantime to check which is the next change that you will achieve.

So, which is your tip for a beautifull hair?

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