First impressions: Brazilian Botox Hair Treatment. Yay or nay?

Hello, my dear! Welcome to the review of the day. Today we have a special guest from Nutree - Brazilian Hair Botox Treatment.
I have tried this product few days ago and today i'm ready to share my thoughts about it.

First, let's talk a little bit about shipping. I'm living in Romania, a country were often packages outsite EU goes on customs and requires extra taxes, especially packages from USA or China. The package has shipped from USA with DHL Ecommerce, arrived în Frankfurt and was taked by postal operator of my country. I was verry happy to see that has arrived în about two weeks at local post. I didnt payed customs, wich was awesome.
Second, the product was extremelly well packed. The hair treatment was packed în a small box, that was placed în a bigger box. Also, had bubble foil around it.

In the main package i found the hair treatment 250gr, a pair of gloves and instructions.
This treatment says that would leave hair more hydrated, more "flawless", stronger, eliminate frizz and reduce the damage and damaged hair look. Worth? Will gona see.

First impresions Brazilian Hair Botox

The first thing that i noticed is that this hair treatment takes time. So, you need to choose a free day or to find at least 3 free hours while to take care of the process. At least this i did and that is the time that i needed to finish the entire process.
I used 1/3 amount of product for my medium hair. Normally, the pink version of brazilian Botox is for dark hair, but unfortunately i received it at a campaign were i couldn't choose between this and the blonde version.

Curled hair. Before treatment 

My hair have passed thrue different damaging types. I use all the time flat iron and blow dry, but also i colored my hair to blonde. The moust damaged were of course, my split ends.
So i was verry curious to test this out, especially that on a hair salon this may have take much more time and would be extremelly off the budget. Is awesome that we can do it at home!

Let go to impressions!
Treatment has a strong bubble gum scent that last în hair around 2 days after use. Is not a daily or weekly treatment. The effect should last up to 4 weeks, so i would recomment it once at a month or once at 3/6 months.
Used quantity depends of hair lenght. Definetly!

Natural hair after first wash with shampoo and water.

First, as instructions, I've washed my hair with shampoo without adding conditioner or anything else. Just water and shampoo. After that, I've blow dry 100% my hair.
I've sectioned my hair and i've got the gloves on, wich at the beggining, was wired. I never used a hair treatment with gloves, but I've understood this point latter. Actually, i was preety impressed that i received some quality gloves, not cheep plastic ones. I also used a dye brush to spread easily the product on my hair.

My mistake was apply the mask with windows closed. The vapours are empowering! I felt like my nose, throat and eyes were a little bit iritated but this passed fast after I've exposed myself on air. So i definetly recommend doing the process in a room were windows are wide opened. Also, a small amount falled on my arm. The skin become red in second and started to ticles me.  So, AVOID SKIN CONTACT and use gloves even seems wired.
After i applied the Botox în my hair, i've waited 40 minute to action and i washed again hair till i felt just a little product left.
After that i've blow dry again and used a flat iron to streight it and fix the left product.

Pictures after Brazilian Botox Hair Treatment. No filter.

How my hair felt?
First thing that i noticed was that my hair has blow dryed a little bit harder that usuall.
Also my hair felt much strongger, much shinny, flowless, much healthy. In therms of damaging, the appereance of my hair has been visible improved. Split ends were up to 90% more regenerated without cutting the hair. For me is important becouse i avoid as much as i can to cut it ( love long hair).
The entire hair was looking much more healthy and regenerated, extremelly well hydrated without using any extra product, wich is a big YES. Usually i'm using different serum types, hair oils and lotions, to deep hydrate my hair and reduce the damagging aspect or hair loss.

This is the only product that i've seen improvements after one use and i had tried a few.
I think Brazilian Hair Botox worth a try. A small box i can use it three times and i can do it at home. I can reduce time spend on salon and also money that would cost a treatment like that.
This helps to avoid cutting hair often or incest in different hair treatment that may be not worth.
The only thing i didnt like it is that treatment tooks a part of my hair volume and already my hairs has just a few and the hair structure usually is verry thin. But i would definetly recommend this to peoples with alot of volume, natural deep curled hair, dyed hair and damaged hair.

Have you tried this? Did you like the resoults?


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