5 ideas to match your outfit with a Baginning backpack

by - marți, martie 05, 2019

Hello lady! Welcome back to the fashion lession of today. I guaranteed will be fun and full of inspiration.
Recently i discovered the bags paradise, only for their own. Who's in charge? Who's the boss?

Well, all this world is about Baginning, the exclusive online store for ladies and their passion for accesories.
They have really nice bags, for all styles and tastes and each item comes with free shipping to your warderobe. But my favorites always and forever are the backpacks. I discovered thousants of models for day to day but also special backpacks for special outfits.

5 ideas to match your outfit with a Baginning backpack.

If you are more a traveler person or you have alot of stuffs to carry on everyday, backpacks are the perfect choice. And this is the reason why i like them so much. They are comftable and helps you more to Be organised without giving up to anything.

Their lattest trend is represented by clear backpacks. They have alots of models wich are really interesting and cute. They came with alot of advantages: are fashionable, verry usefull on a rainy/snow day, couse they avoid the water comming in, but they also can be combined with a pattern backpack inside and the clear backpack outside for the fashionista style.
You can match them to a casual outfit or even to a dress and something more elegant, depending on the pattern that you choose. They even work with pumps or holographic shoes, the style i'm more addicted.

The other new and fashionable trend is about vintage backpacks, wich is the bags heaven.
Here we will find classy models but also nice, simple, lace backpacks that works with cute style or vintage style. Moustly the vintage backpacks are casual and statement so they work with everything, from jeans, to dresses. Here are leather backpack looks, but also kind of mate leather backpacks. You can choose according to your preferences.

Basically is verry easy to get ready for everyday without be affraid that your accesories may go bad. Baginning backpacks are verry versatile and for every fashionista în the world. Wich of them would you chose?


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  1. wow, these vintage backpacks are awesome!!! I just love these type of bags, they are very practical and easy to combine in every outfit