What says event dress color about you

by - marți, iulie 23, 2019

Is well known that we, as womens, are verry often paranoid at everything we do. This thing is also reflected in fashion, in what we choose to wear daily, but also in the colour dress that we are choosing for special events.
After little search i've decided to create this post in order to find out what the colour of your Cocktail Kleider may say about your personality. Let's get started!

1. White
White dresses are often an option for brides, but they can work verry well even for bridesmades or when it comes for other special events different from weddings. From all times white colour have express purity. Also white is the colour of oppulence, of clean and succesfull. This colour may say about you that you are a gentle person, even a shy one, that is verry fragile in all her identity. You like soft things and you love nature.

2. Black
The black Kurze Ballkleider has left always a place of controverse. Latelly womens are going also for black weeding dress, wich i think is verry interesting and empowering. A black dress on the weeding dress can show the gothic aspiration but also the unusual women that you may be. You like to be always unique, you have alot of confidence in yourself and definetly you are the first person that will have the decisions in place. I wouldn't want to piss you off!

3. Red
The red dresses from Babyonline Wholesale express same as womens that choose this colour for an event. Red is about romance, about power and strong womens. Those womens like to make bussiness and to have the first word to say. She is the "men" of the house and definetly one of the moust strong females in the world.

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