Fashion trends for autumn/winter 2020

by - duminică, noiembrie 08, 2020

I'm that kind of girl who loves summer. But in the end, we cannot stop autumn and winter from comming. So, we can only ajust our warderobe and skip it wise. When it comes to cold season, fashion may be tricky, but not impossible. Some cossy hoodies and sweaters are perfect for day to day. But let's not forget about outwear. I was inspired by Presstars fashion and i will share with you what i would wear on days that comes.

Cossy coats and cardigans for autumn/winter 2020

When outside is raining or is a verry dark day, some women's cardigans may help allot. You can wear them on a top, a dress and even between something cossy, a coat or a jacket. My oppinion îs that a cardigan shouldn't miss from anyone's collection. Knitted cardigans or printed cardigans are verry trendy and you can combine them easily to casual outfits or to something elegant. 

As for fashion coats, i must admit that was verry hard to find something even offline that suits me well. I'm not a fan of oversized coats that are verry popular, sience i'm verry thin and is unpleasant for me to look like a garbage bag (it's just my oppinion). But i love elegant items or even simple/interesting coats. 

My sister gave me as gift the white fur coat and is definetly one of my faves. Suit me like a glove, is elegant and perfect for special ocassion. I always took so many compliments wearing him. 

Latelly i falled in love with brown colour and i wanted so much to find a simpla and day to day coat on this colour. The one from bellow i think is just my type - simple, elegant, but verry versatile to office, walks and so one. 

Prices seems to be verry affordable on Presstars. So maybe you what to check out their collections. 

Is it something that already grabbed your attention? 

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