Perfect pictures on your home for Santa's family album

by - duminică, decembrie 06, 2020

 Now that we are a step closer of Christmas, love fly in the air. Many families have actually a tradition by making pictures during this season that are a special part from family album. Christmas is one moment of the year when all the members gather together at home and joy is everywhere. Of course, sometimes gifts has their own place, but nothing is much important than some memories printed on paper that you will be able to live over and over again just after watching.

I know that many studios have already closed no matter where you are in the World. But there are always solutions, like to take picture to your home.

I’m pretty sure you already have a smartphone that can take awesome pictures. You need just a little detail to make this year pictures to look stunning - some cool backgrounds.


Where you can find cool and cheap backgrounds for Christmas pictures

We take a huge advantage of online shopping. That means you can win some time and some money buying different backgrounds from online stores.

If you intend only to do Christmas vibes pictures than check out those type of santas workshop backdrop. There are thousands of great backgrounds to use with your family for a Christmas scene. Use a background tool to fix it or add him on any wall from your home. You can use pins or some stick paper placed from place to place to fix it at least when you take the pictures.


If you want to do something a little bit more crazy, you can choose also a football game background or maybe a fathers day background to give your dad his fantasy moment.

If you have all the pieces you need for some different type of picture ideas (like many decorations that you want to add in the pictures), then I would recommend a simple grey texture background. For a beginner is the perfect color to get the perfect light and color contrast without too much complications. 

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