Under what circumstances you can wear a velvet dress

by - duminică, februarie 14, 2021

 Beside those difficult moment that world goes on, life must continue. Soon, enough the events will finally start, including those fabulous ones with friends and family like weddings, baptism and so.

Elegant women will be very exited to choose a velvet dress, but do we know for who are adequate and when or for what time of event? I made a little fashion guide for you that should help to find the perfect dress and the perfect occasion to wear it.

Under what circumstances you can wear a velvet dress

Velvet materials will definetly give you a luxury feeling and make you feel gorgeous and rich. Velvet bridesmaid dresses are the perfect choice when you need to attend to an event like that. Is inappropriate dress for relatives of the weeding pair, but also for a confident women that need an extra dress to feel fabulous.

Velvet is great also for tall or short ladies, thin or with shapes, being recommended especially for women's over 20-25 years. Of course, there are no specific rules according to those dresses or the age that should be wear, but in my opinion they will look way better on someone.

  • From were can you buy a special velvet dress

If you are looking for a velvet dress with a stunning shape, you can find some amazing models on alfabridal.com. You will find different sizes for your needs but also unique models for younger or older women's. I would recommend go for a long velvet dress on a night event and a shorter one for day. Again, there are no specific rules if you are satisfied with your decision.

On www.alfabridal.com options are not limited and if you are the bride, you can go for similar velvet dresses for all your bridesmaids that will look stunning. 

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