Fashion tips for your summer vacation - Milanoo

by - miercuri, aprilie 21, 2021

Who doesn't wait for summer and summer vacation?

Few of us there are already in the hottest places of the World, enjoying the sun, hot and pleasant weather and the sea.

When we are talking about fashion, summer is my favorite season. All those generous dresses, sandals, beach vibe etc. they are definetly on my taste. Summer makes me feel confident and pretty, but of course, clothing&accesories have an word to say. 

Milanoo - fashion items for 2021 summer

Did you know about Milanoo fashion online store?

I've discovered this website recently and i saw some nice summer fashion inspiration that i wanted to share with you.

For example, my day to day favorite shoes are boots. But on summer time is pretty difficult to wear them and to be comfortable, especially on the beach. If you feel the same, you will probably like too the gladiator sandals. On Milanoo you can find this sandals on a good price and also in different styles, with or without heel. Those sandals are verry comfy and gives a good stability on the foot. They are great for beach, shopping and day to day.

Also, another item that i love is monokini or one piece bodysuits. They are perfect if you want to cover your belly or if you want to express your body at the beach. I like to wear them sometimes even with a pair of short jeans and to create a daily outfit. But could be also a perfect combination for when you go to beach and to be easy for you to change and dress up before&after beach time. 

Of course, Milanoo has too some great dresses. I'm a huge fan of maxi dresses wich look verry instagramable, but also for the great feeling they give me anytime i wear them. They could be an option too for your summer vacation bag, for beach, traveling or shooting. 

Do not forget about SPF, thermal water and also about the summer hat. You will want to enjoy every moment of the vacation and the perfect items and accesories can help you to achieve all those great memories you waited for. 

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