Primary rules in choosing a wedding suit as guest


Wedding season has begun. And for the ones who want to look presentable and elegant, they must know how to choose their suit. Some country are verry specific while choosing the wedding clothes. For example, many people see bad intentioned from a guest to arrive on the event with a dress like the bride or with a white dress. Of course, bride is only one and everyone knows who's wedding are attempting. The groom is not so exigent and affected but is nice to have some facts in mind. Here they are! 

Primary rules in choosing a wedding suit as guest

1. Try to found out what the groom is wearing

Would be nice to go for a style or for a prom suit that is different than the groom. In this way you can avoid some unwanted discutions and the bad looking eyes. Also, you can buy it from other parts, other shoping stores from milles away or online (where are more chances to find something different). 

2. Avoid going two size up

Even is an important event, but not for you, this doesn't mean that you should look like a "potato bag". Try to measure your body before ordering online the wedding suits and you can go as much one size up. 

3. Avoid buying cheap suits

I mean to all those suits that you can find on clothing trays or to cheap markets that will be easy to be noticed becouse of the cheap fabric and details. If you don't have a big buget, better you go online, for example on allaboutsuits. You can also choose, Invest and combine only in a high quality blazer and to style it with a pair of clasic pants. If you are a new visitor on the website, you can get 20% to your order with code - new, introduced before checkout. 


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