How to protect natural hair under human hair wig

Human hair wigs are popular for women all over the world to create a new looking. In the market, There are many kinds of human hair that can meet people's different needs. As black women's wigs give them their most natural appearance, more and more women are choosing to buy female wigs. But while you can enjoy the 100 wigs, you should also protect your hair under a cheap wig.

In this case, how to protect their hair under wigs for black women?

Take Care Of Your Hair Before Wearing Human Hair Wigs

Before putting on a wig, you should first take care of your natural hair. Wash your virgin hair with a good quality shampoo and conditioner to make sure your hair is clean and completely dry. Because damp hair can breed bacteria under your hair. After your hair is clean and dry, wear your wig. Weave your own hair into a small braid and spread it flat on your head, remembering that the flatter your hair is, the more natural your wig will be.

Take Care Of Your Hair While Wearing Human Hair Wigs

1.Choose the high-quality lace wigs human hair to make your natural hair and head more comfortable

When choosing the wig for you, quality is very important. High quality human hair wig has a strong air permeability and high comfort experience. A comfortable feeling in your head and natural hair are very important to keep healthy. Therefore, with good quality hair, not only the wearing effect is good, but also for your own hair. One More Hair insists on selling only the best hair, and constantly upgrades its products to bring you the best experience.

2.Wear a right material wig cap under your lace wigs human hair

Wearing a wig cap under your real person's wig is essential. Material is a very important consideration when choosing a wig hat to wear. It is recommended to use a wig cap made from a silk substrate. Use a silk wig hat to not only avoid friction, but also to protect your hair

  • Remove Your Human Hair Wigs Regularly To Care For Your Hair

Since always wearing the high-quality human hair wigs will give your natural hair and scalp the big pressure, your scalp can't breathe well with wearing wholesale wigs for black women. So in order to protect your natural hair, suggest to remove your human hair wigs from your head regularly.


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