What mens wear this winter on an event?

When an invitation to a formal event is accepted, every man should take in consideration that the outfit must be choosed according to the event theme. If the dress code is black, the prom suit should not be a different color. The style is also important and the fit must be according to body needs first. Let's see forward what his means.

Not small, not overdressed

On a regular day, mens can wear everything they like. But on a wedding for example, isn't appropiate to go with an oversized suit or with one that has too big sleeves or smaller pants. The wedding suit and the event suits in general, must be perfect, taking in consideration masking the dissadvantages of the body.

Regular means often more money

Have you seen a cheap suit that looks good? Some usual suits from stores are made on a standard pattern wich my be difficult again to fit all mens and need expensive adjustments. This might be a good reason to take a look into acemenswear suits were you can choose a specific jacket and pants size, but also the shape of your body. They offer also full customization online by only follow the indications and send the right measurments took at home. The final price is great and the suit will look stunning. 

And in the end, if there isn't a color or a style dress code, is also a great idea taking a look also into Pantone color trends and modern costume styles to create a nice combination.


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