“My fashion blogger picks from Yo.Me

Have you heared about YoShop? This is another online store who provide you various items to a good price. Here you can find almoust anything you search for, the newest trends from fashion, technology, beauty and so on.
According to other online stores, YoShop has a better price and alot of offers. Besides, on Yo.Me is the dedicated community with all reviews from buyers.
Here is also a great community where you can post anytime you wish some amazing photos and to be rewarded with points and cupons that you can use for an order. The rewards are prety high, so worth to try this on.

What about items that YoShop sell?

Usually i'm searching for the newest trends, some amazing and unusual stuffs, especially when i'm looking for fashion. I could say that i've found here some amazing new things to a good amount, that i didnt found onn other places or they were to expenssive.

Ordering from here is verry easy! Only you need to do is to add to your cart some items you whant and they are proccesed verry fast and shipped to your destination. Even the custumer service is fast and will help you with any issue or questions.
New on warderobe...

Now that you know more about him, is the time to show you my wishlist. In fact, a few of this items i've already added to my cat and i'm enthusiastic to arrive.

One of my favorite picks for this winter is the blue-gray parka with her pink fur. I think this looks amazing! Is verry fashion and look verry war for the outside weather. Besides, i think she is great even for a stilish outfit or for a casual one. Can wait to arrive and do some great pictures with her!

The second choice that i've made and wich i love verry much, is reprezented by two wonderfull bags: a jacket biker bag and a floral backpack. The jacket bag is something unique! I already have the black version and i'm preety sure the pink one would be great for an unique look. She would definetly take all looks!

I'm also in love with the floral backpack. Is made from PU so i'm sure is verry easy to clean. The floral model make from this a really fashion backpack wich you could wear verry easily and looking great on the spring and summer. Works really great!

One of the things that i've proposed myself for the spring was to have more PU jackets. I'm in love with those jackets and with that biker look. Besides, the leather jacket can be combined also in elegant outfits for a great look. I've already did that few times and i felt great and i got so many compliments.
A must have for all fashion womens from spring should be the paste pink leather jacket. i think she is amazing and have also an affordable price.

What do you think about my choices?


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