How to make a change without cutting or dying your hair

Would you ever dreamed about long hair? Or maybe something verry colorfull, or a pastel hair, maybe the gray one that i love.
Many of these colours can be made without duying your hair, wich should be your last option to change your appereance. This may really damaging your hair and the treatments are really expensive. Many of those people have no alternative then cutting their hair after so many times trying to fix the "little issue". I talk also for my own experience. I wanted for silver and i love the resoult, but i still must take alot of care about my hair.

I was used to dye my hair each month. Now, has been more then half of year than i didnt tuch any hair dye. I'm using only colored shampoo and hair serum to hydrate and refresh my hair. But there is always an alternative for not being obligated to do all those unpleasant stuff: virgin hair.

The virgin hair is preety similar with natural hair. I've just found out irhair, an website that sells out many tipes of virgin hair, like deep wave hair, loose wave hair or even lace frontal closure. The good thing by choosing one of those wigs is that you can make as many changes as you whant without any sacrifice. You can choose a different look on each day, each month, each spirit feeling.

They have some affordable prices for a high quality hair and many styles that could fit on anyone. If you have always loved the curly hair like i do, then the brazilian hair could be awesome for this new change. This my win you some good hours by making your hair with a flat iron and a pencil, and of course, from damaging your hair, couse this process really damages alot your hair.

Would you choose a wing to make a different change?


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