How to manage your personal documents and credit cards for safety

Has happened too many times to loose my personal documents or to be steal. In conclusion, i realised that shouldn't exist a "management" just on my warderobe or on hair/skin care products.
The right organization can get you out of manny frustration and i wana give you some tips for that.

I was thinking many times to put right my documents, my credit cards and my money so i have less chances to lost them or to be steal my moust important documents. Let me tell you my tricks that works for me!

How to manage your personal documents and credit cards for safety

Rule nr.1: Use small bags with smart closure
I love tricky bags that have a design wich is special, a tricky close sistem with many closing options or with hidden ones. Big bags or fancy looking bags are the attraction of thefs becouse they will think you are rich.
So, having a small crossbody bag, that you can keep it all the time under your eyes and next to your skin, can be an advange. Thrue! You cant carry out half of the house, but i'm preety sure you dont need so much stuffs on each road.

Rule nr.2: Do not carry things you dont need.
It may happen not always to need your personal documents or your credit cards. Leave at home things you know you dont need to use. For any eventuality you can get a copy. We all know how much time takes to get back all your personal documents and how manny papers you need to get them back.

Rule nr.3: Separate your documents, money and credit cards.

After my last steall experience, i told myself that i will take at least 4 wallets on my bag. But this would meam to have a huge bag, so is not good, i told myself. So, i decided at least make some cleaning on documents, credit cards and money and separate them. If someone tries to steal them, at least i wont loose everything.
I use a wallet that i can hang on my hand and a leather business card for my credit card.

In fact, this is a business card for visit cards, when you are an influencer or a special business person. I thing this bag has alot of uses nowadays and the price is verry affordable.
This business card is produced by FYY and is an handmade business card holder with a good capacity of storage. The brand is verry well known sience 1998 for their leather handmade accesories.
You can use it for his own purpose, or you can use it for your credit cards, your money, keys, small documents, etc. Also i think is unique to gift ome of the se to someone. This card has a cute design, is made from soft leather and is available in five different colours. Besides, the small bag can pe easily added on your bag, even to small ones. Personally i love him!
If you are interested of high quality and unique accesories i also recomend you to search FYY Pinterest. You can find some cute inspiration there.

And last thing about the good organization is to do not take all money you have on yourself. Is saffer to have them on a credit card, If they are manny, or just take with you only the amount you may need.

Those been said, i hope you will find those informations helpfull for your next jurney.


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