Tips and tricks to find a perfect dress for your mother

I think is really hard to find in those days a dress for our moms, expecially if we talk about mother of the bride dresses. I really hate those combinations with blazers and skirts, like an office look. I dont think this is good at all for an event like this one. With a little bit of help, you could make your mother to wear a dress.

My mother and my aunt have the same issue. They asked me many times were they should check to find a perfect dress, that fits like a glove. I've made some research thrue the internet and i discovered kemedress.

This seems to be a nice website full of nice dresses for special events. And is not just a website for fashion moms, but also for all womens who are searching for an amazing dress and an outfit that impress everyone: .

Chiffon Mother of the bride dresses are my best recomandation for all mothers from the universe. I love those flare dresses, verry well made and comfortable. The chiffon is a verry chic element who fit all body shapes.
If you're not sure about what colour or style you should choose, black is for everyone to cover imperfections. Also, flare dresses could be great for a bigger person, like bodycon dresses to a slim one.

Mother over 40 years dont like short dresses. That's why kemedress is selling Knee Length Mother of the bride dresses. This way our mothers think they can look good, but serious, according to age. In those kind of dresses mothers can still look good without showing too much, some tired or fat legs. Besides, all elders will have a bad oppinion if this kind of women is wearing something too short.

Besides, keep in mind that a dress like those will always impress and they will make by that simple mother, a gorgeous and strong women. The key is the attitude!


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