A maxi prom dress - Two much or two less?

by - vineri, noiembrie 08, 2019

Loving yourself is not a crime. Even more when you have a special event on the list and you need to look stunning.
In my country very often is said on a weeding that the bridesmaids or the invites don't need to look as spectacular as the bride wich is insane. Everyone should go for the outfit that fit better themselves and if the outfit is chosed corectly and fit great the women that is wearing it, why this should be the issue? Any women can look great if she takes care of some simple rules of dressing up the body. And is not about trends, is not about the colour or about the most popular item on the market. Is about body shape and how you choose the outfit and/or the dress.

How do you choose a sparkling and good fitted prom dress?
As i said previously, you need to take care of your body shape, of how thin or how plus size you are, how small on height or how tall. This is really important couse the long prom dresses can accentuate your body or not.
A maxi dress is adequate for women's that have small legs and for minions. But not only! They give a little bit of attitude and also also make you look more tall and more thin. Of course, depends on materials. If you are more on plus size you should avoid too tight dresses while if you are very thin, too much volume may be...too much.

When you trying on a prom dress make sure while you are looking in the mirror that the dress that you chosed make you look like you would have the hourglass shape. That is the shape that you want to achieve.
Also, is no doubt on red prom dresses, couse they can fit great any shin colour or body.

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